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Welcome to Salt Caves Canada Our Mission is to promote the healing benefits of Halotherapy in Canada. We advertise standardized salt caves and salt rooms in Ontario that have been approved by Salt Caves Canada to hold True Therapeutic Properties. We also help those interested in building and or designing their own salt cave. We import all salt based products available for wholesale. Join us on our mission to make everyone more aware of the true capabilities salt has in healing those with most respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies and skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. The popularity of Salt Caves has massively expanded throughout the world already acting as a holistic therapy for respiratory and allergy solutions in; Europe, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, and now it is hitting North America. It is being recognized by doctors all around the globe as one of the best Natural solutions to respiratory ailments. Talk about us on Facebook and tweet about us on twitter, get the word out there! Salt Caves are finally here in Canada! (Contact Us)
Salt Cave and Salt Rooms Information

The origin of man made Salt Rooms and Salt Caves comes from the concept of salt mines and natural salt caves which had been created by evaporated ancient lakes and seas found predominantly in Europe and the Himalayan Mountains. These salt mines and natural salt caves are concentrated with sodium chloride along with various amounts of other minerals vital for the human body.

Salt Caves and Salt Rooms are man made attempts at simulating a salt mine micro-climate via Speleotherapy or Halotherapy, or both. This meaning that these rooms and man made caves attempt to replicate the exact atmosphere of salt mines with similar or exact portions of humidity and salt density in the air. Thus, having the salt in the atmosphere allows for all other minerals to enter the human body via the lungs. The main purpose of a Salt Cave and Salt Room is to provide its visitors the same effects that real salt mines have in Europe. This is a therepeutic treatment of the lungs, an alternative treatment to taking pills, puffers, and other medicine that is prescribed by doctors to work in temporarily re-leaving a patient of their illness. The main purpose of a salt cave is to progressively heal the person of their illness as opposed to temporarily re-leaving them of their symptoms, as most puffers and inhalers are created to do. These Salt Caves and Salt Rooms are a great natural, and drug free alternative that have been successfully used for many years throughout Europe. This treatment is meant to be allow vital minerals to enter the body, and heal any problems with the respiratory system, heart, cardio-vascular and dermatological conditions.

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    Halotherapy Book We have imported the most recently published book on Halotherapy since the updates of the novel written by Boczkowski. From how to live healthy to how natural salt is vital to our body to what halotherapy is and how it works from a scientific point of view, the book covers everything. Backed up by research, clinical studies, articles, journal exerpts, and findings from various doctors around the world including the original founder Boczkowski him self. This is a close to an official Halotherapy factual book anyone has ever written.
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