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About Salt Caves Canada Inc.

We are building premium salt cave and wellness facilities throughout North America.

About Salt Caves

The origin of man made Salt Rooms and Salt Caves comes from the concept of salt mines and natural salt caves which had been created by evaporated ancient lakes and seas found predominantly in Europe and the Himalayan Mountains. These salt mines and natural salt caves are concentrated with sodium chloride along with various amounts of other minerals vital for the human body.


Salt Caves and Salt Rooms are man made attempts at simulating a salt mine micro-climate via Speleotherapy or Halotherapy, or both. This meaning that these rooms and man made caves attempt to replicate the exact atmosphere of salt mines with similar or exact portions of humidity and salt density in the air. Thus, having the salt in the atmosphere allows for all other minerals to enter the human body via the lungs. The main purpose of a Salt Cave and Salt Room is to provide its visitors the same effects that real salt mines have in Europe. This is a therepeutic treatment of the lungs, an alternative treatment to taking pills, puffers, and other medicine that is prescribed by doctors to work in temporarily re-leaving a patient of their illness. The main purpose of a salt cave is to progressively heal the person of their illness as opposed to temporarily re-leaving them of their symptoms, as most puffers and inhalers are created to do. These Salt Caves and Salt Rooms are a great natural, and drug free alternative that have been successfully used for many years throughout Europe. This treatment is meant to be allow vital minerals to enter the body, and heal any problems with the respiratory system, heart, cardio-vascular and dermatological conditions.

For Salt Caves & Halogenerator Projects

Our Salt Caves are made of 100% Pure Polish Pink Salt, and our generator is manufactured where Halotherapy originated from, of course, Poland. We are proud of the countries heritage and incorporate the history of the therapy into each and every single Salt Cave we build. From start to finish the project is entirely collaborative between the main Salt Cave Builder, and the Client. Each salt cave we build is different from the last, and are completely custom design based on the clients vision and the builders direction and suggestion. Salt Caves Canada Inc. is proud express its true nature in the heart and soul we put into each construction truly bringing the cave to life. Developing a salt cave with True Therapeutic Properties in order to supply clients with the highest standard of therapy is our mission. Many of the salt rooms or Halotherapy rooms supply do not come close to the expectations of therapy needed for recognition by doctors and therapists. Salt Caves Canada Inc. and Healing Salt Cave Ltd. are pushing the envelop for doctor recognition here in the North American Market. The Salsano Halogenerator has already received its Medical Device License in Europe, Australia & Brazil, and is now being tested and analyzed for the ISO certification in order to receive its North American Medical Device License. It will be the first of its kind on the market and will then allow all Salt Caves with meet the CHA(Canadian Halotherapy Association) standards which carry the Salsano Generator to be considered by the medical field.

For Wellness Centres & Facility Design

After having visited many wellness centres and health resorts throughout Poland and other parts of Europe, Salt Caves Canada Inc. and its leaders have developed a strong recognition and understanding for popular treatments and therapies from the east. Interpreting depands from the eastern europe and other parts of the world Salt Caves Canada Inc. has been able to effectively pre-determine up and coming demands and opportunities before they are even available on the market in North America. Wojciech Chalcarz and his team have incorporated effective methods for developing totally unique Spas and Wellness Centres. Many clients have the idea of wanting start a salt cave business, Salt Caves Canada Inc. is able to take the initial idea and create a totally exclusive Wellness Facility. Treatments based on salt and various salt therapies can include detoxes, bath, flotations and other Holistic and Alternative modalities. From the design perspective steering away from the over saturated esthetic market we are introducing facilities which focus on the body and healing it from the inside out. After having built five Salt Caves, and assisting in each facility design Wojciech Chalcarz has come to understand many various factors and aspects of popular treatments, which require little to no maintenance or overhead. Installing the most effective Wellness Centre for a client, which offers treatments of the highest standard to ensure powerful and effective results for clients of their facility.

We work hard for you!

Here is our process and how we plan your wellness facility:

Initial consultation

We help you find the right location

Design and drawing of facility, colour scheme, & decor

Construction & guidance

We provide two days of training once complete to save you time and maintain budget

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