Here are our frequently asked questions

What is Salt/Halotherapy?
Halotherapy or Salt Therapy is a drug free treatment associated with the healing effects of the inhalation of dry-salt aerosol. Halotherapy has been recognized all around the world for treatment in asthma, allergies and sinusitis as well as many other common respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis and even skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. Within the last century it has been a widely used alternative form of treatment for these illnesses throughout central and eastern Europe. These salt caves and salt rooms have been designed to replicate the micro-climate of salt mines, found in Europe. The replication of the micro-climate with all the salt and elements of the mines causes it to be almost more effective than visiting any re-opened mines (turned into health spas) or even salt water sea shores.
How Does Halotherapy Work?
Halotherapy is based on receiving treatment within the replicated micro-climate from a real salt cave/salt mine. The medical device (Halogenerator) grinds only pharma grade sodium (sea salt, Himalayan salt or any other types of salt are not recommended as they may carry particles that are unwelcome in your lungs) into particles between 1-5 micros which allows for easy inhalation first into the nasal cavities, then the throat and finally the smallest particles will penetrate into the lungs and the blood stream. All these particles are negatively ionized and bear very high kinetic energy. Negative ionization of salt increases the efficiency of healing. Salt aerosol cleanses the human airways, like a toothbrush cleans teeth. It alleviates bronchial inflammation, removes pathogen agents (airborne pollen) and speeds up mucociliary transport.
Who and why do people need Halotherapy?
Halotherapy can benefit anyone with any sort of respiratory ailment. Whether it is seasonal allergies, serious asthma, Thyroid problems, diabetes and even pneumonia following the acute stage. It is safe for adults and especially children whose lungs heal faster. Salt caves are also highly recommended even for those who are not ill as they help prevent illness considering the harsh pollution in the air.
What are some indications for clinical use?
Based on records and documents released by doctors in Poland, Germany and Russia, the following are a list of some respiratory illness that are commonly known to be alleviated through Halotherapy: Asthma, Breathlessness, strep throat, common cold and influenza, ear infections, Chronic Bronchitis, Wheezing, Smokers Cough, Tonsillitis, Carious Coughs, Pneumonia, Rhinitis and Respiratory Allergies, Sinusitis, Respiratory Infections, Disorders of the Respiratory Tract, Bronchiectatic Disease, Mucosal Edema, Dry- paroxysmal cough, Mucus Plugs, Allergies to industrial and household pollutants, Seasonal Allergies, Multi-chemical Sensitivity Syndrome, Rhinositusopathy, Pharyngitis. Amongst all of these respiratory illnesses, Eczema and Psoriasis have been noted as skin diseases positively effected by Halotherapy.
How much Salt Treatment do I need?
Number of treatments depends on the the illness and the seriousness of the illness. Everyone is different and reacts to the treatment differently. Some notice effects after merely a few minutes, other after a few sessions. Keeping in mind Halotherapy isn't a get healthy quick, instant relief steroid inhaler. Halotherapy is a drug-free all natural holistic treatment of the respiratory system that takes time. The average number of sessions recommended by doctors in Europe is between 12-14.
What do I wear in the Salt Cave?
Wearing any type of comfortable clothing is recommended. The salt in the air will not ruin any clothing it will simply leave light salt dust on clothing usually noticeable on darker clothing that can simply be brushed off (so try to stay away from black). Due to the lower than room temperature typically blankets are available upon entry to most salt caves. However if visiting a salt cave for skin treatments, shorts and a short sleeve t shirt is required so the salt particles may absorb onto any exposed skin. Wearing cologne and perfume is usually asked to be avoided as some clients may be allergic to stronger smells of that kind.
What is a Salt Cave Session Like?
Due to the Large amount of negative ions in the atmosphere clients tend experience deep relaxation and a sense of calm. Clients who are open and aware recognize very strong positive energy upon walking into a salt cave due to the "neutralizing forces of the salt" in opposition of "harmful electromagnetic vibrations in our environment". Adult clients are offered zero-gravity reclining chairs to lay back and relax in, and most salt caves offer a childrens section where they may have some toys to play with with the salt. The lights are dim, and relaxing ambient music is being played softly. Most clients tend to either relax, meditate or take a nap. Whatever makes you most comfortable is recommended keeping in mind other clients in the room.
How long is a salt cave session and what are the prices?
Most standard salt cave sessions last 45 minutes for adults and children. Depending on location prices vary but Salt Caves Canada recommends a standard price of $45 per 45 minute session.
Why is the cool air and humidity so important in the salt cave?
The entire salt cave concept is that of a salt cave/ salt mine micro-climate replica. The temperature found in the Wieliczka salt mine found approximately 250 meters underground or lower is between 14-16 degrees Celsius. The humidity too is also high 75-80%. The temperature and humidity in the salt cave should be kept as close as possible to that of what we attempt to replicate. Anything between 16-18 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 50-60% is acceptable as a therapeutic standard. Temperatures that are any higher, or humidity that is any lower cannot be accepted as therapeutic properties within a therapeutic salt cave. These elements are crucial for easy inhalation of the dry salt aerosol. The air must be pure so most Salt Caves will have their own separate air filtration and cooling system separate from the rest of the building. A UV light is also recommended to being present in order to help kill any bacteria and viruses the salt doesn't already do. All elements are controlled in order to maintain the perfect environment so as that Halotherapy may be performed in its ideal state.
How long is a salt cave session and what are the prices?
Most standard salt cave sessions last 45 minutes for adults and children. Depending on location prices vary but Salt Caves Canada recommends a standard price of $45 per 45 minute session.
How should I prepare for my first salt cave session?
As mentioned before, comfortable clothes are recommended, as the temperature is cooler than room temperature (blankets are often offered on location). Arriving at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment is suggested in order to complete paper work for first time clients. Most first time clients will have a brief introduction to the halotherapy, what it is, what it consists of and what to expect. The most important rule is to keep in mind that this is a process therapy; it is not instant relief medicine, so be prepared to relax and breath deep.
How sterile is the Salt Cave?
A common worry among clients is, since there are so many sick people going in and out of the salt cave, should they be worried about catching other people germs or viruses. To begin salt is antibacterial, anti viral, anti inflammatory therefore there is virtually no need to worry. Salt is used to disinfect, there are so many particles of it in the air there is not one area that bacteria would be able to manifest. There is also a uv light which assists maintaining a virus free environment. It is said that "the micro climate is 2 times cleaner in the salt room than in a sterile surgery room in a hospital." So not only are surfaces sterile but as is the air inside making it almost impossible to catch an infection or sickness.
Are there any negative side effects?
No, until now there have been no cases or reports of any negative side effects.
If I am under doctor supervision (perscription pills, inhalers, etc) should I stop taking my medication?
Absolutely not. We do not recommend stoping use of your medication. If in the time of your Halotherapy treatment, you notice differences in your symptoms, some reliefs of pain or discomfort that you normally would be having go away, by your own choice you may slow down on your medication or simply ask your doctor. Puffers and inhalers are simply steroids for your lungs, during treatment you yourself may notice a decline in the need to be taking your inhalers as well as over the counter allergy pills.
I thought salt was bad for us, how come salt in our lungs and pink salt to eat is okay?
The salt that has been always said to have been bad for us is processed and refined table salt. However when using Pink Salt from either the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, or the Klodawa Salt Mine in Poland, it is completely natural, unrefined and 100% organic salt. This salt is filled with over 84 different minerals and micro-elements that your body in fact needs to survive and is known to help regulate blood pressure. That is why replacing the table salt with pink salt is recommended. pharma grade sodium chloride entering the respiratory system has little to do with eating bad table salt, the dry salt aerosol is inhaled for its sole purpose to kill bacteria, alleviate inflammation, remove pathogen agents (airborne pollen) and speed up mucociliary transport.
When should Halotherapy not be used?
Treatment should be avoided during the acute phase of any illness, including the following: infections accompanied by fever, acute active tuberculosis, cardiac insufficiency, COPD in the third stage, bleeding, spitting of blood, alcohol or drug intoxication, unstable or uncontrolled hypertension, and acute stages of respiratory diseases.
Is there Research to back up these salt caves and salt rooms?
There is research that dates back over 100 years. over the past century doctors and scientist have been supporting natural salt as a healthy alternative to the treatment of the respiratory system in the form of Halotherapy. Going back to 1843 a Polish doctor by the name of Dr. Felix Boczkowski recognized the effects of salt on the workers in the Wieliczka salt mine in Poland. He was of the first to publish the first written book which included texts about Salt Therapy. After him was a German doctor by the name of Dr Karl Hermann Spannagel who noticed improvements in the health of his patients as they hid in the Kluterthöhle karst salt cave during WWII; he was the next major physician who backed the irrefutable evidence of his patients. Finally in more recent years Prof. Alina V. Chervinskaya, M.D., Ph.D. has spent the last 20 years devoting her life to supporting, developing, and implementing the care that is now known has Halotherapy.