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Halogenerator Salsano – produces high-dispersive dry salt aerosol. Thanks to applied solutions the delivery of aerosol to the halotherapy room is continuous, what is crucial, given that the microparticles remain at their most active for a mere one hundred seconds or so after micronisation.

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Salt Caves Canada is the sole distributor for the Salsano Halo Generator in North American including Canada and the United States. Please forward all emails for Wojciech for any information regarding prices and details. The salt aerosol generator(Halogenerator) by Salsano is recognized as one of the best products in today's markets, it has just received its world wide licence as a MEDICAL INSTRUMENT. It obtains the most efficient salt aerosol production using the latest technology. Controlling the amount of aerosol is adopted by the microprocessor in the machine. By modulating the microprocessor we send the aerosol into the room or cave in a continuous manner. This is important due to the fact that the micro particles maintain their highest activity for about 100 seconds after fragmentation. Salt aerosol generator(Halogenerator) is an automatic device with the ability to be individually programmed in accordance of use for small, medium and large salt caves. The Salsano machine also has the capability to be used in large spaces such as restaurants, fitness rooms, etc. Most dry salt aerosol is delivered through the cave wall with a neighboring technical room, giving you comfort during operation and maintenance. The activity of micro particles of salt is less than 100 seconds. Thus, a very important issue is the continuous supply of salt aerosol to the chamber.