Locations List of all locations in Ontario and Canada throughout, and Descriptions of each.

Healing Salt Caves

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Healing Salt Caves, Niagara Falls
This was the first Healing Salt Cave Halotherapy Wellness Centre and Holistic Spa that opened up in Niagara Falls. This cave Healing Salt Cave is Owned and operated by Salt Caves Canada. It featuring salts from the Himalayan Mountains, and Klodawa in Poland and offers the best therapeutic treatment based on standards maintained by Salt Caves Canada in all of its Salt Caves.
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Grand Wellness Centre

Brantford, Ontario

This is the Second of its kind Healing Salt Cave built by Salt Caves Canada Inc. Owned and operated by Grand Wellness Centre. This is a larger capacity cave than the one built in Niagara Falls, and carries the same pink salt found in Poland and the Himalayan mountains. Grand Wellness Centre reassures the highest level of therapeutic properties certified and maintained by Salt Caves Canada Inc. in accordance to their True Halotherapy Standards.
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The Windsor Arms Hotel

Toronto, Ontario

  • First Opened: Opening early 2015!
  • Owned By: The Windsor Arms Hotel
  • Visit website Update Coming Soon!
Salt Caves Canada inc. is in the process of building their 3rd Healing Salt Cave. It will be up to par with all other Healing Salt Caves currently running in accordance to their True Halotherapy Standards. Upon completion it will also be certified and maintained within Salt Caves Canada Inc. policies.
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  • First Opened: Coming Soon
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  • To Be Announced
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