Our Products

Anything you need in order to build your own salt cave with wholesale prices when purchased in bulk! We import pink salt from the salt mine Klodawa in Poland. We import Rock salt for wall design, granulated salt for floor spread and food grade salt for purchase by customers. We custom build your vision with our experience. Check out our Healing Salt Cave locations or browse options below.

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Front Desk Design

Unique and effective front desk designs set the tone and offer long 
lasting first impressions for any salt cave space.

Front Door Design

A doorway into the past; leading clients back to nature and into the 
depths of ancient healing. It is all about integrating modern technologies and antique designs that have been proven to work.

Salt Brick Decorations

A beautiful mix between modern and ambient. These accent salt walls can be utilized in any space and offer a great accent to the interior design of your salt cave or the exterior within your facility.

Tree Root Extensions

Our approach to: “it’s all about the details” had us literally digging
 for that perfect fit. Our “Underground” salt caves embody what it looks and feels like spending time in underground caves, providing that naturally earthy feel.

Barn Board Wood Decor

We aim to bring back natural tones and place rustic structures within our Healing Salt Caves to incorporate old, European tavern-esque design. Utilizing 
that “built to last” architecture into any space truly stands out.

Focal Point Accents

Each of our Healing Salt Caves is like a piece of artwork. Yet within the
 depths of every real cave or mine you always search for that hidden 
gem; in this case it can be displayed in plain sight.

Water Cascades

Our Holistic Design approach focuses on all the natural elements: 
 Earth – Air – Water; and so the Water Cascades play an integral part
 in introducing a true micro-climate. They maintain Humidity, create negative ions, and offer a minimal iodine saturation.

Fibre Optic Skylights

They are not just lights; you are star gazing into the night sky, from
 underground. Looking through a starry dome, for that total 
tranquility - the balance of earth and space, all in one meditative room!

Salt On The Floor

Our projects are functional from the ground up. Starting with a minimum of 3-5 inches of salt on your floor in order to give clients the complete therapeutic experience walking into a salt cave and digging their toes into our soft salt gravel.

Salt On The Walls

When you have salt you have choice; and the possibilities are truly 
endless when it comes to the interior design of your salt cave walls. Stacked, imbedded, and glowing the walls are your embodiment of an original underground salt mine look and feel.


The world famous stalactites truly leave a lasting impression. From all shapes and sizes, these unique naturally forming spectacles are now easily seen without having to go cave jumping.